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About Joost Meuwissen / Geert Bekaert's Legacy

lectures by Maarten Janszen and Christophe van Gerrewey

The presentation of the exhibition The Eindhoven School: a forgotten avant-garde in Delft focused on educational and pedagogical issues. As such, the opening of the exhibition was celebrated with two lectures on the influence (perceived and real) on Dutch architecture culture of two of the original exhibition curator’s and TU/e’s Chair of Architecture History and Theory faculty: Geert Bekaert and Joost Meuwissen.

If Maarten Janszen’s lecture articulated the development of Meuwissen’s architectural thought, and the central role of activating history and theory through architectural work and intervention, Christophe van Gerrewey’s lecture evoked the underlying notions espoused by Geert Bekaert’s in his belief in the right for an architecture that could elevate our everyday banal existence. While both these impulses are clearly identifiable in the work of the Eindhoven School, the identification and discussion of these impulses also provided a sounding board to consider contemporary architectural design, and the designs being produced by the two largest architectural schools in the Netherlands: TU Eindhoven and TU Delft.

The currency of the ensuing discussion was noted by the students in the audience, as they remarked the different strategies through which erudition and architectural knowledge (by presence or absence) is expressed and perceived in their work.



March 29, 2018



TU Delft



Sergio M. Figueiredo

Justin Agyin

Lennart Arpots

Dario Sposini



Creative Industries Fund NL

TU Delft



The Eindhoven School: A forgotten avant-garde