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The Architecture Biennale Wiki Project is the result of a research conducted at TU Eindhoven in collaboration with some Master students. The objective of this Wiki is quite simple: to convey the history of the Venice Architecture Biennale through its installations, national contributions and people (and, in so doing, providing a new instrument for further research into the Biennale). By documenting the various contributions (main exhibition, national participations, collateral events, …) to the 16 editions of the Venice Architecture Biennale, this Wiki provides a firm basis to understand the processes and objectives of what has become the largest architecture exhibition in the world. While this database already contains approximately 1000 installations (in the main exhibitions), 600 national contributions, 90 countries, and 2000 people, it must be considered a work in progress. Beyond the addition of more records, also additional information on these records is continuously uncovered and added. In such a large endeavor, inaccuracies are all but inevitable.

As a part of the same research project, some questions were developed in order to activate the information compiled in this Wiki so as to provide new perspectives to the Venice Architecture Biennale, particularly when considering the long historical overview provide by this project.



September - November 2018




Sergio M. Figueiredo

Merlinda van de Bijl

Bouwe Boonstra

Joshua Evers

Jeanne Geerts

Roy van der Heijden

Joanna König

Malak Mehta

Owais Mohaqeq

Ewout Vrugt

Federica Fiumara

Lisa Stout



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