when the outcome of advanced research is architectural design…


Design Artefacts of the Built Environment

Design is at the core of the department of the Built Environment of TU Eindhoven. This exhibition presented the projects considered for the assessment of the research through design program Design Artefacts for the Built Environment (DABE). It presented visual and written material of projects ranging from work produced in collaboration between graduate students and their instructors on commissioned designs, to thematic graduation projects, from the work produced by instructors in their own architecture offices to design explorations in support of PhD research.


This exhibition organized projects around particular themes developed in the department’s design research (and output) in the previous six years. The set of topics were thus dubbed morphological essentials, contemporary classical grammar, circular sustainability translated in shape, infrastructural architecture innovated and integrated, as well as socially inclusive programming. The exhibition design reflected the nature of these projects, that is, how while primarily categorized in one or another topic they all engaged in (often several) of the other topics, by developing a cluster of floating surfaces that allowed for each project to be considered in both isolation and connection to other projects and topics.






TU Eindhoven



Sergio M. Figueiredo

Kapilan Chandranesan

Mark Kanters

Paul Kersten

Thijs van Tetering



TU Eindhoven

AUDE (Architecture Urban Design Engineering)