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The Eindhoven School Revisited

how should the contributions of the eindhoven school be remembered?


The Eindhoven School Revisited

In December 1988, the exhibition The Eindhoven School: The Modern Past was opened to the public at deSingel in Antwerp. This exhibition presented the work of twenty-three TU/e architecture graduates and attempted to signal the emergence of a new type of architecture in Eindhoven. Despite all the praises directed at the Eindhoven School (or its members) thirty years ago, today the NAi building stands as a singular reminder of the Eindhoven’s School position at the forefront of Dutch architectural discussion in the late 1980s.


Therefore, this project investigated the original exhibition (and its subsequent iterations in Groningen, Delft, Eindhoven, and Zurich) to develop a better understanding of the macro condition of both Dutch architectural discourse and the position of TU/e within it (during that period). In this way, the original exhibition became a frame through which to reveal and understand the intellectual context that fostered such architectural work to be produced and, ultimately, question how the contributions of the Eindhoven School should be remembered.



February 2017 - December 2017




Sergio M. Figueiredo

Lennart Arpots

Justin Agyin



Creative Industries Fund NL

TU Eindhoven

Van Abbe museum



The Eindhoven School:

A Forgotten Avant-Garde

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