eindhoven school at the Vandenhove

there was more than just Geert Bekaert connecting Eindhoven and Ghent…


Charles Vandenhove Pavilion for the Arts and Architecture

Ghent, April 26, 2018 - June 2, 2018

In Ghent, the exhibition The Eindhoven School: a forgotten avant-garde occupied the top floor of the recently inaugurated Charles Vandenhove Pavilion for the Arts and Architecture managed by Ghent University. There, the exhibition was organized in a much more fluid manner, with thematic clusters that spilled into one another. This provided a much more dynamic approach to the presented material, as juxtapositions and overlaps allowed for multiple readings of the artifacts. Furthermore, the purposeful inclusion of seating, created a context for relaxation and greater appreciation of some of the artifacts and audiovisual material.

Despite the magnificence of the space, the venue’s short existence and the reduced opening hours ended up impacting the number of visitors that saw the exhibition in Ghent. Nevertheless, those that attended (mostly associated in one way or another with the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture) were left impressed, not only by discovering yet another way through which Geert Bekaert influence architectural discourse in the Netherlands, but also by the shared interested in postmodern architectural expression experience at TU Eindhoven and Ghent University throughout the 1980s.  


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