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Frequently Asked Questions

Regarding open Call for PhD Proposals

Please submit your questions regarding the open call through our contact page. As we receive more questions, our answers will be continuously posted on this page.


I really want to join the CRC, but I Don't know if I will be able to organize my move from abroad in a timely manner.

Moving to a new city (let alone a new country) takes time and a lot of bureaucracy needs to be worked out. Fortunately, TU/e has a large international community and the services to assist you with your move. If even with that extra assistance you are not able to initiate your research in September 2019, it is possible to start at a (slightly) later date.



I Submitted the wrong files to the upload section. What should i do?

We all get a bit confused with new systems, so don't worry. You can always go back to the application form and upload new files of your support material. Just make sure to also send us an email with the contact form so that the right files are used in the review of your application.



how much does it cost to follow the CRC doctoral program?

Finances are always an important issue. In order to follow the CRC doctoral program you will need to pay an yearly tuition fee (c. 10.000 EUR for 2018-19) to pay for all the amenities provided by TU/e for your continued study, as well as cover your own living expenses (c. 10.500 EUR, according to TU/e's estimates).