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are history and theory at the center or periphery of dutch architecture education?


History and Theory in Dutch Architecture Education today

panel discussion with Bernard Colenbrander and Herman van Bergeijk

One of the highlights of the events associated with the installation of the exhibition The Eindhoven School: a forgotten avant-garde in TU Delft’s BK Expo was the public discussion between Bernard Colenbrander and Herman van Bergeijk regarding the current role of history and theory in Dutch architecture education.

The opposing perspectives from Eindhoven and Delft allowed for a greater understanding of the loss of influence of history and theory in these universities’ architectural programs, and how that has trickled into Dutch architecture culture. The open and animated discussion focused on ideological and pragmatic issues that have contributed to the current condition, where the application of knowledge has been increasingly valued over the reflection of basic knowledge, that is, where doing has prevailed over thinking.

The audience—composed of both TU Delft’s students and faculty—posed further questions and considerations regarding the validity of these positions, and how those could be challenged or foster an adaptation of the expected detached positions occupied by history and theory from architectural design.



April 5, 2018



TU Delft



Sergio M. Figueiredo

Bernard Colenbrander

Justin Agyin

Lennart Arpots

Dario Sposini



Creative Industries Fund NL

Het Nieuwe Instituut

TU Delft



The Eindhoven School: A forgotten avant-garde