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Learning Architecture through Curatorial Practice?

At TU Eindhoven, students have been developing a renewed understanding of architecture. By curating and realizing architectural exhibitions with the Curatorial Research Collective, students not only investigate alternative modes of architecture scholarship, but also develop a better understanding of the power of architectural ideas and how these can be communicated to a broader audience.


In this lecture, Sergio M. Figueiredo discussed the way architecture exhibitions have been used to create their own architectural effects and critical reflections, as well as to represent architectural work. He argued how, in Eindhoven, architecture exhibitions have become ideal venues for future architects to develop their own critical perspectives and foster a broader understanding of architecture, its conditions, and its effects. He also presented the latest plans for the CRC in further connecting design practice and discourse through exhibitions and thus fostering a thoughtful, yet accessible, architectural conscience.



May 2017



Het Nieuwe Instituut



Sergio M. Figueiredo



Het Nieuwe Instituut