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The NAi Effect

a close reading of one of the most important architectural institutions…


The Nai Effect: Creating Architecture Culture

When the Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAi) was established as an institution in the 1980s, it was intended to be the final point of a process emphasizing the relevance of architecture as a cultural force in society. In reality, this permanence lasted no more than a quarter of a century. Ironically, while the NAi had been the result of a culture political impulse, it also became the victim of such an impulse when the ideological preferences shifted.

Through a critical survey of the NAi’s history and legacy, this book elucidates the social and cultural aims of architecture museums – arguably the most significant institutions in creating architecture culture as well as directing architectural discourse and practice Ultimately, The NAi Effect is a probing study of one of the most important architectural institutions in the world as well as a critical analysis of a fundamental instrument for architecture’s advancement and dissemination since their inception in the early nineteenth century.



November 2016




Sergio M. Figueiredo



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The NAi Effect: Creating Architecture Culture

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The History of a Temporary architecture institute

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