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the NAi in exhibitions

understanding the NAi through its exhibitions…


The NAi in Exhibitions

Officially founded in 1988 in Rotterdam, the Nederlands Architectuurinstituut (NAi) intended to improve the context for the appreciation of architecture in the Netherlands. Through the organization of exhibitions (and other activities), a systematic engagement with different audiences, and an astute concern with internationalization, the NAi attempted to introduce architecture’s issues and concerns with the public. Effectively, as the NAi became a crucial interface between architecture and society, it also became a fundamental instrument in fostering and developing a remarkable architectural culture in the Netherlands.


Although the institute operated in a variety of dimensions – particularly since it housed the architectural archive of the most important Dutch architects – the most visible expression of its work was the multitude of exhibitions and other activities the institute organized in its 25 years of existence. Thus, this research project performed an investigation of the different exhibitions organized by the NAi to understand the processes and objectives of the institute, not only documenting the almost 400 exhibitions, but also providing a unique perspective into the institute.



September - November 2015




Sergio M. Figueiredo

Evelien Abels
Romano Bruining
Philip Groeneveld
Hratc Hovanisian
Lennart Jacobs
Robin Kaijser
Mitchell Walda
Nick van de Werdt



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The Nai in Exhibitions

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