OMA: Rem Koolhaas (Rotterdam)

the first film ever on OMA and Rem Koolhaas… by Geert Bekaert and Jeff Cornelis


OMA: Rem Koolhaas (Bekaert and Cornelis)

film screening

Much like in Eindhoven, also in Rotterdam the 1985 film by Geert Bekaert and Jeff Cornelis OMA: Rem Koolhaas was screened to contextualize certain ideas and ambitions that guided, and are visible in, the Eindhoven School’s architectural production. While this film was but one of the of the several films resulting from the collaboration between Geert Bekaert and Jeff Cornelis, this was a particularly important one for Bekaert, since he strongly believed that Koolhaas ‘had’ to be presented despite the difficulty of trying to present him. As Cornelis discusses with Koolhaas several of his projects in a dark tent with merely a sequence of projections, Bekaert’s admiration for the capacity of OMA’s work to tell stories becomes evident.

In OMA’s home turf, the interest in Rem Koolhaas’ early designs and its reflection on the Eindhoven School work was palpable, with all the tickets to the screening being claimed within the first three days of availability (which eventually led to the procurement of an even larger space to host the screening).

While there was no formal curator tour to the exhibition, attendees still had the opportunity to visit the exhibition. As in Eindhoven, the audience noted the parallel between some of the Eindhoven School’s formal expression and theoretical stances and that of Koolhaas, as well as Geert Bekaert’s esteem for OMA’s work.



March 14, 2018



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The Eindhoven School: A forgotten avant-garde