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beyond what effect exhibitions have on architecture culture, we propose to uncover how that effect is created…


The Taxonomy of Architecture Exhibitions

While today we possess a clearer understanding that architecture exhibitions create particular forms of display and knowledge production, that they define how ideas and work are perceived and contextualized, the means through which theses abstract processes take form within the gallery space have not been adequately scrutinized. Therefore, the main goal for this new long-term research project is to understand how the theoretical ambitions of architecture exhibitions are translated into actual space by closely studying the elements that compose them and document the many ways in which they are instrumentalized. In short, this project will document and identify all the various ways in which architecture has been presented to the public through exhibitions.


Therefore, beyond what effect architecture exhibitions have on architecture culture and society, this research proposes to thoroughly identify how that effect is constructed by conducting a close reading of the methods, instruments, and practices through which architecture exhibitions are organized.  The first step, however, is to create a comprehensive (annotated) database of architecture exhibitions from which comparisons can be drawn.







Sergio M. Figueiredo