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TU/E Campus Bicycle Tour

Dutch Day of Architecture 2017

As an extension of the exhibition CampusPlan Eindhoven, a bicycle tour of the TU/e campus was organized for the official program of Eindhoven’s celebration of the Dutch Day of Architecture 2017. Beyond focusing on presenting and explaining the particular qualities and ambitions of individual buildings of renowned architects (from the campus’ original architect Sam van Embden to Herman Hertzberger or Koen van Velsen), the tour provided the opportunity for everyone to appreciate the unique architectural and urban qualities of the university’s campus and how those have been incorporated in different ways.


This bicycle tour provided the ideal opportunity for the knowledge gathered and the conversation initiated in the exhibition to move beyond the gallery and be plainly presented to an (even broader) audience in a much more informal setting. By revealing the ambitions and intentions within these individual buildings and the campus as a whole, participants in the tour could develop a greater appreciation for the constructions that they walk (or cycle) by every day. While rather simple, this was a compelling public program in which architectural discourse and architectural experience could be brought together.



June 17, 2017



TU Eindhoven



Nina Geffen

Daniëlle Grolleman



ArchitectuurCentrum Eindhoven

TU/e Dienst Huisvesting



CampusPlan Eindhoven: We Are Campus



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june-july, 2017