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what about the eindhoven school?

what can the eindhoven school teach us today?


What about the eindhoven school?

Panel discussion with Ady Steketee and Jos van Eldonk

The official opening of the exhibition The Eindhoven School: A Forgotten Avant-Garde was celebrated with a panel discussion with some of the Eindhoven School’s original architects. While Jos van Eldonk and Ady Steketee took the stage to personally discuss the influence of history, theory, and criticism in the group’s architectural practice, discourse and education, the conversation was enlivened by the testimonies and interventions of several of their colleagues in attendance.

However, while discussing the Eindhoven School’s past — and the shared attitudes towards history and theory that bound together the group’s members — provided a base point for the discussion, questions and interventions by current students ensured not just a contrast, but the start of a deeper reflection on how Dutch architecture in general (and architectural education at TUe in particular) has changed over the past thirty years. Most notably, even if the earlier search for meaning and intellectualization has been supplanted by more pragmatic concerns, the new generation of architects is still drawn to the aesthetic qualities of architectural representation, be it graphic or material.



December 20, 2017



TU Eindhoven



Sergio M. Figueiredo

Justin Agyin

Lennart Arpots

Dario Sposini



Creative Industries Fund NL

TU Eindhoven



The Eindhoven School: A forgotten avant-garde