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Because sometimes exhibitions are simply not enough…



Much like a building is not the only solution to an architectural problem, exhibitions are not the only way to broadly disseminate architecture knowledge and engage a general public. Therefore, the organization of public programs that can further the ambitions of our curatorial activities is also a priority for the CRC, as we aim that our exhibitions initiate rather than conclude conversations.


Effectively, our approach to engaging a broad audience knows no limits, only those of imagination and ingenuity. From traditional lectures to social media campaigns, from public workshops to bicycle tours, at the CRC we believe that to achieve our goal of making architecture knowledge accessible and available to everyone, architecture discussion should be allowed to (also) emerge in the most unexpected places. By taking the conversation beyond the gallery, we strive to encourage participation and democratization, so as to go beyond the conventional monologue orchestrated by exhibitions and instead develop a true dialogue with architecture’s public.



The Destruction of Architecture


Impossible realities

lecture by filip dujardin

Once Upon a Time in Eindhoven

lectures by Madeleine Steigenga and Arie van Rangelrooy


History and Theory in Dutch Architecture Education today

panel discussion with Bernard Colenbrander and Herman van Bergeijk

About Joost Meuwissen / Geert Bekaert's Legacy

lectures by Maarten Janszen and Christophe van Gerrewey


OMA: Rem Koolhaas (Bekaert and Cornelis)

Film Screening

Whatever Happened to History and Theory in Dutch Architecture?

symposium with Keynote lecture by Bart Lootsma


What Future for the Architecture Museum?


The (De)construction of the Eindhoven School

lectures by Chris van Langen and Jos van eldonk


Eindhoven SChool, a foundation of reflection

lecture by Tamira Tummers

OMA: Rem Koolhaas (Bekaert and Cornelis)

Film Screening followed by curator tour


What About the Eindhoven School?

Panel discussion with Ady Steketee and Jos van Eldonk

TU/E Campus Bicycle Tour:

Dutch Day of Architecture 2017

Bicycle Tour


Learning Architecture through Curatorial Practice?


Eindhoven Eight Lecture Series